Leave the
food in
my hands.

Welcome, I’m Elyas and it’s a thrill to have you here.

As a mindful cook and workshop host, I am blessed with the ability to nourish both body and soul through conscious and sustainable food. One of my biggest dreams is to share this gift with the wide world.

Life is gifting me an abundance of pleasant experiences, but few match the simple joy of seeing the radiance in people’s eyes after sharing a nourishing meal together.

It is in these moments that I am reminded of the beauty and power of human connection, and the importance of cultivating mindfulness and gratitude in our daily lives.


Because all these gifts and traits I received are meant to be shared, cultivated and enjoyed with others.


Well, it’s pretty simple. I blend local, seasonal ingredients into meals that people love.


Stories, culinary experiences, cooking and sustainability workshops – all backed by the wisdom of numbers.

What’s my style?


Intuition, Spontaneity, Uniqueness

Low to Zero Waste Approach Plant-based
Locally-sourced Ingredients Vegetarian
Seasonal Ingredients Love the Process
Cooking Techniques from around the World

Here’s a look of
what I do.